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ReShape Balloon Review

Many of us have tried various weight loss techniques and have been bitterly disappointed time after time with the results. We stick to proper diets and exercises and still do not lose any substantial amount of weight. Why is this? For some people weight loss has to be brought about in a different manner; like options from Bariatric Surgery which deals with removing a portion of the stomach or blocking it in such a way that your appetite is curbed. Once such safe, non-surgical solution is called gastric balloon, or we call it ReShape Balloon.

What is ReShape?

ReShape Balloon is a version of the modern day gastric balloons except that ReShape is an entire technology unto itself. The basic purpose of ReShape is that it occupies extra space in your stomach so that your appetite is effectively and significantly reduced and within half a year, your BMI is brought down by five to nine units. In essence, ReShape is a gastric balloon, except that there are two interconnected gastric balloons made of soft, pliable silicone elastomer, a material that can be easily inflated and is protected against major wear and tear in the stomach.

ReShape is not just the balloons that are placed in your stomach; ReShape is an entire weight loss program that also monitors your diet and encourages you to take part in physical activities. ReShape Balloons are FDA approved meaning that there are practically zero chances of any anything going wrong or any side effects. It is a pioneer in this kind of non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical technology related to weight loss.

How Does It Work?

The basic premise of ReShape is that in the first stage, the balloons have to be safely placed in your stomach and we fill them with either air or sterile saline in order for them to expand and occupy space in your stomach. The procedure through which this happens is called endoscopy. An endoscopy is along, flexible tube at the end of which a camera and a light is attached. This camera and light allow the surgeon to navigate properly inside the body cavity. We attach the deflated little balloons to the end of the endoscope and numb your throat area by spraying it and giving you muscle relaxants. Once that is done, the endoscope is passed from your mouth to your esophagus (food pipe) and down in to your stomach. Once safely deposited, we use a catheter, another long tube, to fill the balloons with sterile saline so that they may expand to the size of medium grapefruits. The ReShape Balloons are designed in such a way that when they are expanded, they mimic the curvature of your stomach in order for your body to get adjusted to the alien objects inside more quickly. By mimicking the structure and curvature of the stomach, the balloons also leave less window for experiencing stomach distress and reflux when lying down too quickly. This procedure takes a total of 20 to 30 minutes and is over before you even know it.

How Do I Know I Am Eligible?

The eligibility factors for ReShape Balloon are not very extended or very difficult. The first and foremost concern is your BMI. If your BMI (Body Mass Index) is between 30-40 and you are not eligible for weight loss surgery still, getting a gastric balloon could be a good option for you. How this works is that you see your physician, get your BMI calculated (which can be done at home easily as well), talk about your weight loss options and you will arrive at a decision. When making the decision to opt for ReShape, you will need to keep a few things in mind. The first one is your BMI; it must between 30 to 40. The second thing is to make sure that you are not eligible for any other weight loss procedures like weight loss surgery. The third point is to get thoroughly examined by your physician to ensure that you have no serious ailments that would prevent you from getting ReShape. These ailments can include a history of bowel irritation and stomach ulcers. You could also be getting ReShape because you need to lose weight to qualify for some other surgery.

After this physical examination, your doctor will talk to you about your weight loss goals and expectations, assess your motivation towards losing weight, and see how willing you are towards this specific program. One more thing on the criteria to be eligible for ReShape is commitment. You must be fully committed to this weight loss program and have a certain sense of goal achievement if you are to get in to this. This is because ReShape isn’t about just that one procedure; ReShape is building a whole new lifestyle for you and you have to be receptive for it to work properly.

What Lifestyle Changes Am I looking At?

For ReShape to fully and truly work, getting the procedure done is only the beginning. Your nutritionist and your exercise specialist will work very hard with you ensure that you follow a very strict diet and exercise regimen in a way that promotes healthy eating and encourage physical activities that are aimed towards a healthy lifestyle. The goal of ReShape is not just weight loss; the main goal of ReShape is weight loss retention. So for this reason, an entire change needs to be brought on about in your life. During the first six months, you will have to eat a set amount of calories every day and exercise regularly. In the beginning, the exercising will be light but the intensity will increase according to your personalized plan.

At the end of the six months, when your balloons will be removed, your sole focus would be on to achieve further weight loss in a manner that perpetuates a singularly healthy lifestyle. This means that ReShape is program that will not bore you with exercises in the gym but in fact encourage you to take part in physical activities that you enjoy so that they become a permanent part of your lifestyle rather than a burden.

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